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10 Sailor Décor Ideas That Will Look Great In Your Beach Home

Do you love sailing?  It is a shame you cannot spend all of your time on this fun hobby.  Sailing is an amazing adventure.  This hobby is great for your overall health and especially for your mental health since there is nothing that can whisk your worries away faster than the sight of the open water.  If you simply cannot get enough of sailing or if you have a beach house then it makes perfect sense to choose a sailor theme for your home’s décor.  Sailor décor themes work great in any boys room, bathroom and even for an overall home vibe.  Here are some cool ideas to get your home decorated for a great look in no time at all.

10 Sailor Décor Ideas That Will Look Great In Your Beach Home

10 Sailor Décor Ideas That Will Look Great In Your Beach Home

  1. DIY rope rugs

This is a very simple DIY project that anyone can make.  A thick strand of natural rope can be used in so many natural sailor décor items.  Get yourself a couple of yards of rope and roll it up flat.  Take another rope and secure the spiral with a glue gun at the bottom and there you have it; an instant rope rug for your home.

  1. Sailor wall decal stickers

If you are not the most artistic of person hen this is a great idea for you. Buy a set of wall decal stickers for the sailor theme and simply stick them on a plain wall.

  1. Retro anchor

If you can get your hands on a retro anchor then this alone can be a superb decoration for any room. Just prop the anchor in a corner and you are done.

  1. Anchor cutout

Real retro anchors can be hard to come by but wood cutout anchors are just as pretty.  Get a large wood anchor and hang it on the wall for an instant sailor vibe.

  1. World map

Sailing is all about traveling the world.  Another good sailor décor idea is by getting a large world map mounted on your wall.  This is a very educational, very handy and very pretty wall décor idea.

  1. Pirate boat mural

Kids love pirates and a pirate boat wall mural can be a superb way to decorate a boys room.  Alternatively, you can get a pirate wall decal and stick it on there.

  1. Dangling model ships

Model ships are the perfect décor item for a sailor vibe.  Hang your model ships from the ceiling to save up space and to create a very interesting look.

  1. Pallets with sailor designs

This is another idea you can make yourself.  Create some pallet canvases and get a set of sailor themed stencils.  Paint these stencils on the pallets and you will have an instant sailor wall art.

  1. Woven basket storage

Woven baskets will go well with a sailor vibe and is great for storage.  Simply add a small anchor or wooden boat onto the woven baskets for a great overall look.

  1. Wooden pedals

Your old canoe pedals can be great wall art.  Simply mount them on the wall for an instant boat theme.

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