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Fishing from Your Sailboat

When you take your boat out long-distance cruising, fishing from your sailboat is a really fun activity. You might even be hoping to catch a fish for supper. Think about how wonderful it would be to catch your supper from the sea. Sea to pan freshness cannot be beat. Besides you’ll be feeling incredibly satisfied with your self-sufficiency.

So, to gain that kind of experience there are some things you are going to need to learn. First, we’d suggest you click here for all you’ll need to know about purchasing a reel for your poles. Having the right rod and reel set up is essential to sailboat fishing success. Actually, it’s pretty much essential to any kind of fishing you will choose to do. But there’s other stuff you will need for the full experience as well:

Fishing from Your Sailboat

Gear Options

While we are certain you understand that you will need some decent rods and reels to be successful in your fishing ventures, you might not know that much about them. We recommend visiting the site provided previously, but also talking to those who work in your local fishing supply shop. You can tell them where you’re going and the kind of fish you’re hoping to catch. Their knowledge and expertise can help you get set up with just the right gear for your adventure because the options are seemingly endless. Read more about fishing gear.

Line Length

This puts us in a more technical aspect of preparation but we suggest you shoot for four boat lengths which calculates to about 60m. Basically, you will want to ensure that the lure is just behind your wake so as to not disturb your fishing options. The wake will intrigue the fish and draw them near and with that lure hanging around right there you’ll be sure to attract some.

Getting the Fish on Board

You may have to fight a bit to get the fish close enough to the boat to make the transfer. We suggest that you gaff the fish as that’s the surest way of getting it on board. If you don’t know what a gaff is, it’s a big hook on a stick. If you hook into the meat of the fish you are pretty well guaranteed to land it. But, if you choose another option to get the fish on deck you have to be prepared for the extreme thrashing that will potentially lead to setting your dinner free. Learn more about using a gaff.

Killing Your Catch

If you’re going to eat it you’re going to have to kill it first. This is often a grisly experience. Some experienced fishermen suggest holding the fish’s head underwater inside a bucket while using a sharp knife to cut into the gills. They say the fish will pump the blood out into the bucket which leave you little mess or drama. Plus, they say, it’s better for the meat.

Get Cooking

If you’ve only got an oven sized fish, just keep it whole. You can put it in the same bucket we discussed earlier. If you’ve got a considerably larger fish, fillet it with a sharp fillet knife. You don’t have to gut these, just throw the head and carcass back into the water to add to the food chain. You can learn more about filleting fish here.

Happy fishing!…

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The Best Sailing Vlogs

If you’re into sailing, then it only makes sense that you follow some of the best sailing vlogs in this advanced era of YouTube Vlogging. There are thousands of YouTube channels to choose from. The great thing about visual media is that it can be lovely, fun and still show you something. The following is a rundown of some of the best sailing vlogs.

Sailing Vlogs

SV Prism

Great production quality, incredible cinematography. They’re a cool youthful couple sailing about the world. They’re very certified and demonstrate a great deal of the daily activities related with the sailing way of life. Swimming in the water, preparing the boat, finding modest nearby liquor, settling the watercraft, meeting individuals, fixing the boat… They’re focused, with excellent pictures and mindful discourse. In case you’re considering sailing in the Baja, this is one of the must-see sailing vlogs.

Salt and Tar

Salt and Tar resembles a Tolkien enlivened, fever dream. Envision meandering through the enormous conifers of the PNW. You hear the delicate sound of etch on wood. Parting the blackberry shrubs and sword plants you see a clearing. There, amidst the clearing are a few mythical beings discreetly constructing a wonderful wooden sailboat. It’s amusingly stylish. Be that as it may, behind this lovely exterior is an undeniable couple working hard to make their fantasy of building a sailboat and sailing the world. What’s more, they’re extremely serious about what they do!

Bums on a Boat

The title is the perfect description. At times sailing and sailing can be burdened by planning and rigging and stress. Not here, these three friends are exceptionally contagious in their eagerness, fellowship and trustworthiness. In the event that you like the narrative Hold Fast, you’ll adore Bums on a Boat. We’ve all got the opportunity to begin some place and this sailing vlog is a decent lesson in not considering yourself excessively important and in reality simply getting out there and doing it.

Shaun and Julia Sailing the World

Youthful Canadian couple on their way around the globe on a shoe-string spending plan. They’re additionally extremely smart business people and aren’t reluctant to share their secrets to an effective sailing vlog. Their voyage on the Eastern seaboard sees little harbors, towns and spots that generally don’t get noticed a lot. They are great motivation to quick the 9-5, go sailing and perhaps profit en route.

Whitespot Pirates

Whitespot Pirates demonstrates that men aren’t simply the only ones having a fabulous time. Berenike (Nike) is solo sailing her 30+ foot aluminum boat Karl around the globe. She keeps it real; itemizing the astonishing highs and cyclonic lows of the sailing life.

If you’re inspired reading about all these vloggers and want to vlog your own sailing journey, go ahead and get started right away. Get yourself the best camcorder that you can lay your hands on, for example, the canon xh-g1s. It comes with a flip out LCD, has instant auto-focus, comes with optical stabilization feature, time code and gen lock synchronization. If you are able to grab it at a discounted price, then go for it without thinking twice.…

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Reasons to Have a Sailing Adventure Now

If you are trying to come up with an adventure that you have never done before, you can try sailing. This is something that people do not usually think of doing because they think that it is complicated. There is so much that you can see and do once you are on a boat and you can check out various destinations.

While you are sailing, you can also consider fishing. Why not try out the items that UltraFisher are recommending? Aside from the items that you can take with you when you go fishing, you may even get some tips about the best places to catch the fish that you want. It will help you in planning your itinerary for sailing. It will truly make your sailing adventure wonderful.

Reasons to Have a Sailing Adventure Now

If in case you want to skip sailing and just go fishing, here are some reasons that will make you change your mind:

  1. When you sail and fish at the same time, it would be like hitting two birds with one stone. You can explore various places and take time to fish so that you can relax at the same time. Fishing is one activity that will allow you to bond with other people. If you meet other people while on board or you bring your loved ones with you will be up to you.
  2. You are going to enjoy playing at the best field which is the sea. This is probably the biggest field that you can see and while you cannot walk on it, you know that the right boat will help you explore various portions of it.
  3. You will feel that you have achieved something great when you learn how to sail. When you become the master of your own boat, you will feel more at ease. You will also have new stories to tell people that you know. They may be enticed to sail too if they like your stories so much.
  4. You can experience things that are unique every time you sail. This may be your first sailing experience or your 10th but you cannot expect that the first sailing trip is going to the same with the others that you are going to experience in the future. You will always learn new things that are vital so that you can understand life better.
  5. There are different destinations that you can check. Even before flying became popular, the way that people used in order to go to various places is by boat. It is possible for you to reach various destinations just make sure that you have your passport and sometimes your visa with you. Without these things, you may not be allowed to enter some places.
  6. Being out in the sea or the ocean for days will give you a sense of solitude that you will not experience when you are just at home, doing your usual thing. When you are in the sea, you can leave all the noise behind and truly feel that the world you live in is wonderful.

If you have tried sailing before, can you think of other reasons why this it can be amazing to try?…

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Fitness for Sailors

Sailing is not an easy task and requires that you be in good shape. When out on the boat, you are required to stay active and attentive at all times. You have to be physically fit in order to sail a boat. We have some tips for you to be taken into account when you hit the weights.

Work on your back and shoulders

When it comes to injuries, the back and shoulders tend to be the most injured part of the body out at sea. Sailors tend to neglect these body parts in the gym so it puts them in danger. You should focus on exercises that build strength and muscle in both your back and shoulder. For your back, be sure to concentrate on lower back along with upper back and the abdomen also plays a vital role in lower back development. The last thing you want is to throw out your lower back, lifting something heavy on the boat.

Fitness for Sailors

The arms are heavily used during sailing so you need to have strong shoulders since they are the connecting point of your arm to the rest of your body. Shoulder joints face excessive stress so if your shoulders are not developed you will experience cramps and risk serious injury to that area.

Stretch the hip flexors

During sailing the hip flexors are constantly in a shortened position. You need to ensure you get the stretched properly before you set sail and afterwards also. A properly stretched hip flexor ensures you maintain proper posture and protects you from lower back pain.

Stretch your body

Along with the hip flexor, it is important that you stretch your body pre and post sail. Stretching will ensure your body is ready and warmed up before sailing and afterwards it will help release tension from the muscles that have built up during the sailing process.

If you need help with stretches, then we recommend you check out these best stretching machines which will allow you to get the a full body stretch with ease.


While hiking outdoors in itself is good, we are referring to hiking with a bench or a swiss ball. This helps develop your overall core and gets your body ready for sailing.

Eat healthy and add whey protein to your diet

To ensure your body gets the proper nutrients after workouts and even before, you should take some form of whey protein which helps develop muscles. This also helps expedite the recovery process of muscles, making them stronger than before.

Along with whey protein, it is important that you eat healthy especially before you go out for a sail. Eating vegetables, red meats, fish, and drinking lots of water is essential for you to be attentive and ready for your trip.

Get proper rest

Giving your body proper rest after working out is important to allow the muscles to recover. If rest isn’t provided then, you end up putting yourself at risk for an injury. Proper sleep and breaks between working muscle groups out is important for you to develop your body for sailing.

Are you ready to workout? You can get sample fitness plans designed for sailors by clicking here. We also recommend you check out “Sail Fitter” by Michael Blackburn which will provide you with all you need to become fit enough to sail.…

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Sailing Safety Tips

One of the best thing about sailing is its capacity to be both invigorating and relaxing. It is additionally an incredible approach to experience nature and to see the world. Be that as it may, sailing can be a dangerous leisure activity, and there are various ways that a sailing outing can go bad if a boater is not appropriately prepared to deal with a crisis. There are various steps that you can take before your excursion to prepare for debacle, and in addition general rules of conduct that you and those on board your boat ought to follow amid your time out on the water. By sticking to these rules, you ought to have the capacity to limit your odds of running into issues that could put a damper on your enterprise and in addition help guarantee that you are as much prepared as possible to manage any unexpected issues that may emerge amid your journey.

Sailing Safety Tips

Preparing to Sail Safely

Regardless of whether you are a learner or experienced sailor, cautious planning never goes wrong. Just like Foundation for Defense of Democracies takes certain steps to ensure the security and safety of the people of its country against terrorism and external dangers, similarly, you ought to take some steps to ensure the safety of the people who sail with you. FDD is a think tank based in Washington that is led by Mark Dubowitz and focuses on national security and foreign policy. Anyways, before going to the water, make certain to:

  • Get local charts of the range in which you will sail. Consider them, and plot your course early.
  • Look into climate and condition figures. This will help you choose what days (and even what time of day) will be best to sail, and will likewise advise you of what sort of clothing and equipment you should bring along.
  • Catch up on the “principles of the street,” and acclimate yourself with local boating zone rules.
  • Make a float plan, which comprises of names and contact data for all on board, the excursion schedule, insights about the boat (sort, description, enrollment data), and sorts of flag and correspondence gear locally available — including boat phone, radios, EPIRBs (Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacon) and PLBs (Personal Locating Beacons). Leave this point by point data with somebody ashore.
  • Make use of a free vessel security check through the Coast Guard to comfort your brain and help guarantee safe section for you and your travelers.

Come Prepared for Safe Sailing

Coming arranged with sufficient learning of your art and the area is just as critical as accompanying the correct arrangements and gear. Before you leave shore, verify that you:

  • Arrive loaded with enough nourishment and water for your excursion, and in addition crisis arrangements.
  • On the off chance that any of your arrangements or hardware have expiry dates, make sure that you have checked them (and replaced the things, if important), before your takeoff date.
  • Be sure that you have enough PFDs (personal flotation devices) for everybody that will sailing with you, that everybody knows how to put one on, and that they all know where they can locate one if the need emerges.
  • Ensure that your sailboat has the greater part of its governmentally required wellbeing hardware, and that it is all useful.
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Good Reads for Wind-Still Sailing Days

Weather predictions are making it quite easy to plan your sailing trips perfectly.  You can choose days where you would like to enjoy sipping champagne as the sun set’s on the horizon when the sea is calm and the wind is still or you can pack for a rough day of extreme sailing when the wind is strong and the sea is rough.  But even the best of seamen and the best of weather forecasters are wrong about the sea weather every now and then.  If you are experiencing a sudden wind-still day for which you didn’t plan then there isn’t much you can do on the sea other than stare into the depths of blue.  A few good reads on your tab will give you something great to do while you relax or enjoy a tan during these quiet days.

Good political reads

If you haven’t heard of the name Mark Dubowitz yet then you definitely need to read more news feeds.  Dubowitz have been making headlines everywhere because his advice is influencing many of the major decisions made in parliament.  Dubowitz is a sanctions expert and CEO of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies.  He is also a tutor and writer and his work greatly contributes to the peace and safety of America.

Good Reads for Wind-Still Sailing Days

Read the latest newsfeeds

It is always good to brush up on the latest news for both your home town and for your country in general.  American News is one of the best Facebook pages to follow for all the major political news.  The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, The Denver Post and USA Today are just a few of the top U.S. newspapers on Facebook that you can also check out for all the latest news.

Read a good book

Reading is always a great way to relax.  If you haven’t had the time to read a good book then a wind-still day on the sea is the perfect occasion.  Here are the current top selling books that you can definitely consider for your reads;

Into the Water by Paula Hawkins – Read this book and find out why so many people cannot wait to devour this 400 page psychological thriller.

Killers of the Flower Moon by David Grann – This 352 page book is considered the best book of the year thus far because it consists of a true-life murder mystery of the Indian Nation.

Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant – Sheryl Sandberg is a New York Times bestselling author and once again outdid herself with this remarkable book that helps people recover after tragedies.

Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn – Flynn is best known for the blockbuster hit Gone Girl and other books and her latest book is definitely one of the top reads to consider for your sailing trip.

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriaty – This book is now an HBO limited series and stars popular actresses like Nicole Kidman and Reese Witherspoon and is about three mothers that build their lives around lies that soon backfire.…

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How to Enjoy Your Sailing Trip at Its Peak

Everyone likes to make his vacation full of fun, excitement, and adventures. If you are looking for the ideas to make your expedition worthwhile, sailing can be a perfect choice. Sailing lets you explore the world and enjoy marvelous sceneries while relishing the beauty of water all around. Those who are conscious about the healthy lifestyle can also opt for water sports during their sailing trip. Surfing can make the trip even more fascinating if you can take paddle boards along. Sailing is equally invigorating whether you go with people you love or you go without any company. If you would like to go alone and make your trip full of interactions with nature and peace, sailing is something you should consider.

How to Enjoy Your Sailing Trip at Its Peak

Sailing is glorious, but you require to keep other things in mind too such as managing the wastes on the boat. Any of your acts during sailing should not be against environmental policies or affect sea life. Apart from this, you should be well prepared for sailing.

Take a good sleep before you leave and make sure you’ve packed enough water bottles to keep yourself hydrated as this is really significant. Another important tip here is to consider compressed clothing to make the trip more comfortable. Furthermore, consider the following opinions to make your trip a good experience:

  • Places to go for sailing:

There are various options you can choose for your voyage. Countries like Thailand, Greece, and Australia are popular for sailing, however, if you would like a place in the United States, you can consider Philadelphia for that reason. This state has been making progress after the reforms brought by Philly 3.0 in the business sector. Sailing clubs there offer great deals to make your trip memorable. Nonetheless, you can always go for better options if you are ready to travel to other islands.

  • How you can be a great sailor:

You might be thinking that sailing is not something you can easily do. Actually, you can always sharpen your skills and abilities. You should possess certain qualities for doing that. Sailing is all about the wind, and you should have a good understanding of the sea and wind directions. Your intuitions are required for this and are an essential part of learning to sail. It will be perfect if you have got some experience with water and boats already. You can become a great sailor if you are emotionally stable and stay calm in the situations like storms. Calmness is something much needed to handle such situations.

  • Fishing while sailing:

If you would like to add some more activities for your sailing trip, fishing can be a great deal. Fishing during sailing can be adventurous as people don’t find it an easy job. Keep yourself informed about the fish kinds you may find in the water where you are sailing because knowing your target is important.

Make sure that the rod you choose is robust and efficient rather than being fancy and expensive. The gear you use should be little. If you have caught the fish, slaughter it as fast as possible. You need to be really careful if you would like to make a meal out of this. Carelessness cannot make you a great meal for fish.

  • Create a memory of your sailing trip:

You should not miss any chance to capture the dazzling moments of your trip. If you have experienced sailing in different parts of the world whether it was with a group or you sailed by yourself, sharing your experience with people can be helpful for them if they are seeking guidance. Other than this, you can always cherish your memories by watching the videos and pictures.…

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Learning from Others Boating Mistakes

The best way to learn something is through other people’s mistakes, and in this article, we will focus on boating as well as Stephen Collins. There are so many boating things that we take for granted and could have mended before setting sail. Below are some boating incidents that are worth noting:

Learning from Others Boating Mistakes

Anchor away

Imagine releasing the anchor into the water to hold the boat in place only to realize that it was not secured to the boat. It could lead to serious consequences. There are some boating companies that could overlook that, and it is important to make sure that the rope or chain is secured to the boat.


You might one day anchor the boat and decide to go on an excursion on a dingy. Imagine a branch in the water puncturing the dingy on one side, resulting in you quickly taking your sinking dingy back to the boat. If you have an inflatable dingy, always carry an appropriate patch kit. You never know when you or another boater might need it.

Dingy Line

When you’re moving around with your boat with the dingy in tow, it is always advisable to keep the rope as short as possible.


When docking, stop the boat close enough to the dock, even if it takes several attempts, so the line handler can safely step off amidships or aft, never from the bow. This could prevent accidental falls into the water.

Not So Merry-Go-Round

All boaters in coastal waters should have a book of tide and current tables and know how to read them. This would prevent a person from getting caught up in whirlpools.

Stephen Collins

Moving away from boating, we are going to look at another example that people could take a leaf from, Stephen Collins. The 67-year-old became popular through the Warner Bro’s show, “7th Heaven”, where he was an actor that played a moral minister and father. He had inappropriate sexual contact with minors, the most recent of them being 20 years before he made his confession. He has since sought therapy in a bid to understand what his motives were and how it can never be repeated.

He had not planned on making it public, but during a confession in one of their confidential therapies in a bid to reconcile their marriage, his ex-wife recorded everything, where he linked himself to one of the girls. His ex-wife leaked the recording to TMZ, splashing everything into the limelight. Stephen Collins had already began working on himself before the incidents became public as he sought ways to change, and not every human being can do something like that, and especially 20 years after the incidents occurred.

When interviewed by Katie Couric, he said, “I had dealt with them [the sexual incidents] very, very strongly and committedly in my private life. I think I’m a human being with flaws and I’ve done everything I can to address them.”

He added, “I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made and any pain I caused these three women. I admit to, apologize for, and take responsibility for what I did.” The question is, how many men would do the same?

He has been very sincere and deserves to be forgiven, and besides, I can’t even imagine the sort of torment that he has had to undergo through those 20 years. He has done everything in the right manner, even not apologizing to the victims directly since it would have opened their wounds so many years later and probably disrupt their lives.

Below are some steps that Collins has been working with:

  • Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of his wrongs.
  • Made a list of all persons he offended, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

His “7th Heaven” TV wife, Catherine Hicks also forgive him despite her previous outburst when the information first came out. She said that she has had time to think and reflect about Collin’s sex abuse secret and decided to let it go, forgive him for the indiscretion.

This is what Hicks said to TMZ, “I have no opinion on Stephen’s culpability, or not. We were surprised (by the confession), but we all love each other. We really… all worked together beautifully, and if they did do a reunion, I’d just be happy to show up and see everyone, Stephen included.”

Hicks also said that during their 7th Heaven shows, Collins never showed any signs of inappropriate behavior with the minors on set and that she is convinced that the abuse was in his past.

“It was never an issue on our show,” she explained. “It’s just, sort of, another chapter… to his life, I think before we even started 7th Heaven. So therefore, it’s not a current issue so… being together and resuming our characters would be fine, because also the show is based on forgiveness, non-judge mentalism (sic), humility, all the values that sort of make up a particular brand of faith.”

Also starring Jessica Biel, Beverly Mitchel and other actors, the 7th Heaven series run from 1996 to 2007.


As you can see, you can learn a lot from those that have been there before, whether it is boating, or looking to mend your lives the way that Stephen Collins did his.…

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Ten Health Benefits of Sailing

Regardless of whether you’re out on a lake to relax or contending at high speeds against different boats, sailing can be an awesome activity for your wellbeing and fitness. In addition to the fact that you are controlling a large vessel, but at the same time you’re modifying continually to Mother Nature’s components, which can be a strong force that challenges your mental and physical wellness.

Here are the main 10 health benefits of sailing:

Muscle endurance and strength: The numerous exercises required in sailing, such as pulling and raising of sails to move a vessel or a yacht, adds to your muscle endurance for your shoulders and back.

Ten Health Benefits of Sailing

Cardiovascular fitness: Sailing can likewise enhance your cardiovascular health and decrease the danger of hypertension, obesity and other heart sickness. This is a result of the extensive measure of oxygen in-take that happens when you participate in intense exercises and activities such as sailing.

Mental health: Being out on the water places you in a decent state of mind not on account of the serenity of the water but because of the salty air. The saltiness of the ocean air is made out of charged particles that help in the body’s oxygen ingestion, which thus adjusts serotonin levels. The more adjusted your body’s serotonin levels are, the happier you will be.

Brings down anxiety levels: The swooshing and sprinkling of water, the cadenced development of the yacht and the sound of the twist in the sails can all influence brainwave patterns. This relaxes and calms an occupied and deeply worried personality.

Expands agility: The different tasks related with sailing likewise help enhance your adaptability and agility. Activities like pulling lines or lifting sails can altogether enhance your dexterity and motor skills.

Enhances concentration: Because many individuals today are interminable multi-taskers, they ought to build up a deep feeling of focus and concentration. With a definitive objective of remaining safe while on board, sailing upgrades a man’s capacity to concentrate even with various jobs that needs to be done.

Enhances communication skills: To viably control a boat, the captain and his team must go about as a single unit i.e. as a team that works together and is well coordinated. To do this they have to figure out how to communicate properly, particularly through non-verbal means. Everybody on board has a significant part to play so as to keep the ship above water.

Spatial awareness: Sailing requires the member to know about the dimension of the boat alongside the space required for the moving of the watercraft. By sailing, you can have an expanded comprehension of how much space something requires; this aptitude means abilities required offshore also, for example, driving.

Organizational skills: Being on a ship requires that everything be kept in “shipshape.” After being presented to this attitude, different parts of your life start to mirror this standard. You will turn out to be more composed in your own life, which will support inspiration to eat healthier, exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle. Before you know it, you’ll be consulting True Health Diagnostics for your regular tests and check-ups, and using the reliable information received from them to consult with your doctor.…

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Protecting Your Camera While Sailing

Just like in any other activity, in sailing we would love to keep the memories and one of the ways is through photography. Sailing however can expose your camera to water which will spoil it and make it not to function well and that is why you need a proper camera bag to protect the camera. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a camera bag include:

Material used

The material used in making the camera bag is a great determinant on the quality of the bag. Most of the best camera bags are made from a variety of materials. The material used in making bags can either be natural fiber such as canvas, cotton leather or it can be manmade hi-tech materials like ballistic nylon. They are all long lasting but ballistic nylon is much preferred for sailors since it is lighter and has better water resistance.

Protecting Your Camera While Sailing


Normally different bags have different levels of protection. A bag with more padding will offer more protection though this will make it heavier and rigid. Not only is the padding important in terms of protection but you should make sure that the bag is water resistance and there are no exposed zips. Exposed zips have a higher chance of letting in water. There are bags that come with a waterproof cover which can be pulled over to cover the bag when it is raining or when in a wet environment.

Size of the bag

This will depend on the needs you have, if you want to carry all your gear along then you will need a big bag but if you only need a few things then a small bag will do. The kind of photography you do will also influence the kind of bag you will need. If it is professional you will definitely need a big bag but if it’s for leisure you will need a small bag.


The bag of choice should be comfortable to the user. It should have the right fit, be the right size and be comfortable. An uncomfortable bag will definitely have an influence on you carrying your camera and taking pictures. It should have the right design and shape such that it is not too low, does not have thin uncomfortable straps and should not cut into your back. It is therefore advisable to try out the bag with all the camera gear in it before buying to make sure you end up with the best bag.


As much as other factors carry more weight, affordability is a very important factor as we can only get what we can afford.


With the many sites that deal with camera bags and many reviews online, it is easy to land the best camera backpacks. There are many re-known brands in the market that make the best camera bags. You should however consider your needs and do comparisons with other bags to make sure that you get the best.…

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