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Fishing from Your Sailboat

When you take your boat out long-distance cruising, fishing from your sailboat is a really fun activity. You might even be hoping to catch a fish for supper. Think about how wonderful it would be to catch your supper from the sea. Sea to pan freshness cannot be beat. Besides you’ll be feeling incredibly satisfied with your self-sufficiency.

So, to gain that kind of experience there are some things you are going to need to learn. First, we’d suggest you click here for all you’ll need to know about purchasing a reel for your poles. Having the right rod and reel set up is essential to sailboat fishing success. Actually, it’s pretty much essential to any kind of fishing you will choose to do. But there’s other stuff you will need for the full experience as well:

Fishing from Your Sailboat

Gear Options

While we are certain you understand that you will need some decent rods and reels to be successful in your fishing ventures, you might not know that much about them. We recommend visiting the site provided previously, but also talking to those who work in your local fishing supply shop. You can tell them where you’re going and the kind of fish you’re hoping to catch. Their knowledge and expertise can help you get set up with just the right gear for your adventure because the options are seemingly endless. Read more about fishing gear.

Line Length

This puts us in a more technical aspect of preparation but we suggest you shoot for four boat lengths which calculates to about 60m. Basically, you will want to ensure that the lure is just behind your wake so as to not disturb your fishing options. The wake will intrigue the fish and draw them near and with that lure hanging around right there you’ll be sure to attract some.

Getting the Fish on Board

You may have to fight a bit to get the fish close enough to the boat to make the transfer. We suggest that you gaff the fish as that’s the surest way of getting it on board. If you don’t know what a gaff is, it’s a big hook on a stick. If you hook into the meat of the fish you are pretty well guaranteed to land it. But, if you choose another option to get the fish on deck you have to be prepared for the extreme thrashing that will potentially lead to setting your dinner free. Learn more about using a gaff.

Killing Your Catch

If you’re going to eat it you’re going to have to kill it first. This is often a grisly experience. Some experienced fishermen suggest holding the fish’s head underwater inside a bucket while using a sharp knife to cut into the gills. They say the fish will pump the blood out into the bucket which leave you little mess or drama. Plus, they say, it’s better for the meat.

Get Cooking

If you’ve only got an oven sized fish, just keep it whole. You can put it in the same bucket we discussed earlier. If you’ve got a considerably larger fish, fillet it with a sharp fillet knife. You don’t have to gut these, just throw the head and carcass back into the water to add to the food chain. You can learn more about filleting fish here.

Happy fishing!

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