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Fitness for Sailors

Sailing is not an easy task and requires that you be in good shape. When out on the boat, you are required to stay active and attentive at all times. You have to be physically fit in order to sail a boat. We have some tips for you to be taken into account when you hit the weights.

Work on your back and shoulders

When it comes to injuries, the back and shoulders tend to be the most injured part of the body out at sea. Sailors tend to neglect these body parts in the gym so it puts them in danger. You should focus on exercises that build strength and muscle in both your back and shoulder. For your back, be sure to concentrate on lower back along with upper back and the abdomen also plays a vital role in lower back development. The last thing you want is to throw out your lower back, lifting something heavy on the boat.

Fitness for Sailors

The arms are heavily used during sailing so you need to have strong shoulders since they are the connecting point of your arm to the rest of your body. Shoulder joints face excessive stress so if your shoulders are not developed you will experience cramps and risk serious injury to that area.

Stretch the hip flexors

During sailing the hip flexors are constantly in a shortened position. You need to ensure you get the stretched properly before you set sail and afterwards also. A properly stretched hip flexor ensures you maintain proper posture and protects you from lower back pain.

Stretch your body

Along with the hip flexor, it is important that you stretch your body pre and post sail. Stretching will ensure your body is ready and warmed up before sailing and afterwards it will help release tension from the muscles that have built up during the sailing process.

If you need help with stretches, then we recommend you check out these best stretching machines which will allow you to get the a full body stretch with ease.


While hiking outdoors in itself is good, we are referring to hiking with a bench or a swiss ball. This helps develop your overall core and gets your body ready for sailing.

Eat healthy and add whey protein to your diet

To ensure your body gets the proper nutrients after workouts and even before, you should take some form of whey protein which helps develop muscles. This also helps expedite the recovery process of muscles, making them stronger than before.

Along with whey protein, it is important that you eat healthy especially before you go out for a sail. Eating vegetables, red meats, fish, and drinking lots of water is essential for you to be attentive and ready for your trip.

Get proper rest

Giving your body proper rest after working out is important to allow the muscles to recover. If rest isn’t provided then, you end up putting yourself at risk for an injury. Proper sleep and breaks between working muscle groups out is important for you to develop your body for sailing.

Are you ready to workout? You can get sample fitness plans designed for sailors by clicking here. We also recommend you check out “Sail Fitter” by Michael Blackburn which will provide you with all you need to become fit enough to sail.

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