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How to rid your sailboat of bed bugs

Bed bugs are a problem where ever there are people living as they seek out fresh blood to feast on and multiply from there. It doesn’t matter whether you own a home, business or in this case sail boat you could be at risk of bed bugs and they aren’t pleasant. Don’t worry though we’ll go into detail on how you can eradicate this pest and go back to normal.

Start by thoroughly inspecting the area affected and diagnosing whether or not you actually have bed bugs. Keep everything in one place so as not to spread the infestation being careful as you remove bedding and furniture around to check for bed bugs.

There’re less than an inch and their pale milky yellow eggs are even harder to locate however you can also tell you have a problem if you have three sets of small red bites that irritate your skin in a row, this signifies ‘breakfast’ ‘lunch’ and ‘dinner. Make accommodations for where you’ll stay in the meantime, if you live in your boat it’s time to move for a little to deal with the problem.

How to rid your sailboat of bed bugs

Bag up everything that you suspect is infested with bed bugs and eggs, you do not want them repopulating.  This includes everything from bed sheets, furniture, shoes and other clothing items. Here’s a thorough breakdown of everything you need to check for bugs. Now it’s time for heat to kill the pests. Two things bed bugs are affected by: heat and carbon monoxide.

You’ll need to hoist all bags up to a rooftop area while the sun is at its hottest in order to steam them away. If you don’t live in a hot climate you’ll have to boil the bags instead. Then get rid of all of the bags used and dry everything thoroughly afterwards.

Other than that you could use a specialized vacuum on all areas affected, making sure to dispose of all vacuum bags immediately afterwards so the threat doesn’t spread to other areas.

Finally you want to apply chemicals to the areas affected and everywhere you have a suspicious is infested. If you don’t want to use pesticides on your boat then this avenue is not for you.

Otherwise pyrethrins and pyrethroids are the most common type used to combat this problem. These flush out an area and kill the bed bugs however if they’ve already become resistant they’ll simply migrate to a new area of attacks. It’s best to use a combination of different pesticides to avoid this.

Another option is desiccants which don’t flush the areas like pyrethrins and pyrethroids but instead attack bed bugs natural waxy coating instead until they dissolve and consequently die.

If these do it yourself hacks do not work a last resort is opting for a professional extermination company to come in and clear your boat completely to eradicate the root cause and prevent repeat attacks, find out more here.

As boats generally small with few rooms you’ll pay a lot less than you would for a building or home. Expect to pay around $1000-2000 for a full deep clean with added cost factored in for repeat treatments to stop a recurring infestation.

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