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Learning from Others Boating Mistakes

The best way to learn something is through other people’s mistakes, and in this article, we will focus on boating as well as Stephen Collins. There are so many boating things that we take for granted and could have mended before setting sail. Below are some boating incidents that are worth noting:

Learning from Others Boating Mistakes

Anchor away

Imagine releasing the anchor into the water to hold the boat in place only to realize that it was not secured to the boat. It could lead to serious consequences. There are some boating companies that could overlook that, and it is important to make sure that the rope or chain is secured to the boat.


You might one day anchor the boat and decide to go on an excursion on a dingy. Imagine a branch in the water puncturing the dingy on one side, resulting in you quickly taking your sinking dingy back to the boat. If you have an inflatable dingy, always carry an appropriate patch kit. You never know when you or another boater might need it.

Dingy Line

When you’re moving around with your boat with the dingy in tow, it is always advisable to keep the rope as short as possible.


When docking, stop the boat close enough to the dock, even if it takes several attempts, so the line handler can safely step off amidships or aft, never from the bow. This could prevent accidental falls into the water.

Not So Merry-Go-Round

All boaters in coastal waters should have a book of tide and current tables and know how to read them. This would prevent a person from getting caught up in whirlpools.

Stephen Collins

Moving away from boating, we are going to look at another example that people could take a leaf from, Stephen Collins. The 67-year-old became popular through the Warner Bro’s show, “7th Heaven”, where he was an actor that played a moral minister and father. He had inappropriate sexual contact with minors, the most recent of them being 20 years before he made his confession. He has since sought therapy in a bid to understand what his motives were and how it can never be repeated.

He had not planned on making it public, but during a confession in one of their confidential therapies in a bid to reconcile their marriage, his ex-wife recorded everything, where he linked himself to one of the girls. His ex-wife leaked the recording to TMZ, splashing everything into the limelight. Stephen Collins had already began working on himself before the incidents became public as he sought ways to change, and not every human being can do something like that, and especially 20 years after the incidents occurred.

When interviewed by Katie Couric, he said, “I had dealt with them [the sexual incidents] very, very strongly and committedly in my private life. I think I’m a human being with flaws and I’ve done everything I can to address them.”

He added, “I deeply regret the mistakes I’ve made and any pain I caused these three women. I admit to, apologize for, and take responsibility for what I did.” The question is, how many men would do the same?

He has been very sincere and deserves to be forgiven, and besides, I can’t even imagine the sort of torment that he has had to undergo through those 20 years. He has done everything in the right manner, even not apologizing to the victims directly since it would have opened their wounds so many years later and probably disrupt their lives.

Below are some steps that Collins has been working with:

  • Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of his wrongs.
  • Made a list of all persons he offended, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.

His “7th Heaven” TV wife, Catherine Hicks also forgive him despite her previous outburst when the information first came out. She said that she has had time to think and reflect about Collin’s sex abuse secret and decided to let it go, forgive him for the indiscretion.

This is what Hicks said to TMZ, “I have no opinion on Stephen’s culpability, or not. We were surprised (by the confession), but we all love each other. We really… all worked together beautifully, and if they did do a reunion, I’d just be happy to show up and see everyone, Stephen included.”

Hicks also said that during their 7th Heaven shows, Collins never showed any signs of inappropriate behavior with the minors on set and that she is convinced that the abuse was in his past.

“It was never an issue on our show,” she explained. “It’s just, sort of, another chapter… to his life, I think before we even started 7th Heaven. So therefore, it’s not a current issue so… being together and resuming our characters would be fine, because also the show is based on forgiveness, non-judge mentalism (sic), humility, all the values that sort of make up a particular brand of faith.”

Also starring Jessica Biel, Beverly Mitchel and other actors, the 7th Heaven series run from 1996 to 2007.


As you can see, you can learn a lot from those that have been there before, whether it is boating, or looking to mend your lives the way that Stephen Collins did his.

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