Ten Health Benefits of Sailing

Regardless of whether you’re out on a lake to relax or contending at high speeds against different boats, sailing can be an awesome activity for your wellbeing and fitness. In addition to the fact that you are controlling a large vessel, but at the same time you’re modifying continually to Mother Nature’s components, which can be a strong force that challenges your mental and physical wellness.

Here are the main 10 health benefits of sailing:

Muscle endurance and strength: The numerous exercises required in sailing, such as pulling and raising of sails to move a vessel or a yacht, adds to your muscle endurance for your shoulders and back.

Ten Health Benefits of Sailing

Cardiovascular fitness: Sailing can likewise enhance your cardiovascular health and decrease the danger of hypertension, obesity and other heart sickness. This is a result of the extensive measure of oxygen in-take that happens when you participate in intense exercises and activities such as sailing.

Mental health: Being out on the water places you in a decent state of mind not on account of the serenity of the water but because of the salty air. The saltiness of the ocean air is made out of charged particles that help in the body’s oxygen ingestion, which thus adjusts serotonin levels. The more adjusted your body’s serotonin levels are, the happier you will be.

Brings down anxiety levels: The swooshing and sprinkling of water, the cadenced development of the yacht and the sound of the twist in the sails can all influence brainwave patterns. This relaxes and calms an occupied and deeply worried personality.

Expands agility: The different tasks related with sailing likewise help enhance your adaptability and agility. Activities like pulling lines or lifting sails can altogether enhance your dexterity and motor skills.

Enhances concentration: Because many individuals today are interminable multi-taskers, they ought to build up a deep feeling of focus and concentration. With a definitive objective of remaining safe while on board, sailing upgrades a man’s capacity to concentrate even with various jobs that needs to be done.

Enhances communication skills: To viably control a boat, the captain and his team must go about as a single unit i.e. as a team that works together and is well coordinated. To do this they have to figure out how to communicate properly, particularly through non-verbal means. Everybody on board has a significant part to play so as to keep the ship above water.

Spatial awareness: Sailing requires the member to know about the dimension of the boat alongside the space required for the moving of the watercraft. By sailing, you can have an expanded comprehension of how much space something requires; this aptitude means abilities required offshore also, for example, driving.

Organizational skills: Being on a ship requires that everything be kept in “shipshape.” After being presented to this attitude, different parts of your life start to mirror this standard. You will turn out to be more composed in your own life, which will support inspiration to eat healthier, exercise more and lead a healthier lifestyle. Before you know it, you’ll be consulting True Health Diagnostics for your regular tests and check-ups, and using the reliable information received from them to consult with your doctor.…

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Protecting Your Camera While Sailing

Just like in any other activity, in sailing we would love to keep the memories and one of the ways is through photography. Sailing however can expose your camera to water which will spoil it and make it not to function well and that is why you need a proper camera bag to protect the camera. Some of the factors to consider in choosing a camera bag include:

Material used

The material used in making the camera bag is a great determinant on the quality of the bag. Most of the best camera bags are made from a variety of materials. The material used in making bags can either be natural fiber such as canvas, cotton leather or it can be manmade hi-tech materials like ballistic nylon. They are all long lasting but ballistic nylon is much preferred for sailors since it is lighter and has better water resistance.

Protecting Your Camera While Sailing


Normally different bags have different levels of protection. A bag with more padding will offer more protection though this will make it heavier and rigid. Not only is the padding important in terms of protection but you should make sure that the bag is water resistance and there are no exposed zips. Exposed zips have a higher chance of letting in water. There are bags that come with a waterproof cover which can be pulled over to cover the bag when it is raining or when in a wet environment.

Size of the bag

This will depend on the needs you have, if you want to carry all your gear along then you will need a big bag but if you only need a few things then a small bag will do. The kind of photography you do will also influence the kind of bag you will need. If it is professional you will definitely need a big bag but if it’s for leisure you will need a small bag.


The bag of choice should be comfortable to the user. It should have the right fit, be the right size and be comfortable. An uncomfortable bag will definitely have an influence on you carrying your camera and taking pictures. It should have the right design and shape such that it is not too low, does not have thin uncomfortable straps and should not cut into your back. It is therefore advisable to try out the bag with all the camera gear in it before buying to make sure you end up with the best bag.


As much as other factors carry more weight, affordability is a very important factor as we can only get what we can afford.


With the many sites that deal with camera bags and many reviews online, it is easy to land the best camera backpacks. There are many re-known brands in the market that make the best camera bags. You should however consider your needs and do comparisons with other bags to make sure that you get the best.…

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Going Sailing? Here’s How to Keep Fatigue at Bay

If you’re heading out sailing, you know that fatigue can take an enjoyable experience and make it a challenge. Battling sore muscles isn’t the way you want to spend your day, and it can make it harder to complete tasks to help keep you on course. However, there are ways to help fight fatigue before it happens, allowing you to spend a day on the water without feeling dragged down. To help you make the most of your day of sailing, here are some tips for keeping fatigue at bay.

Going Sailing? Here’s How to Keep Fatigue at Bay

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Your first step for fighting fatigue actually starts the night before with a good night’s sleep. Failing to get enough sleep can leave you without the energy and motivation you need to make it through the day. You may experience periods of drowsiness, have trouble focusing, or even experience feelings of apathy when you should be having a good time.

On the night before your trip out on the water, plan for a full eight hours of sleep. This could mean getting to bed earlier than usual depending on when you need to get up to make it out on the water. You can also help yourself sleep more soundly by avoiding caffeine during the day before and by eating a healthy dinner.

Stay Hydrated

Even mild dehydration can cause physical issues, including fatigue. It has the ability to affect your memory and reaction times as well as your general mood. Often, by the time you realize you are thirsty you are already a bit dehydrated. This means you have to be proactive about your fluid consumption to keep it from happening.

Start by making sure you pack enough water for the duration of your trip and bring extra if you know you are going to be exerting yourself physically or if the weather is particularly warm. Then, make sure to drink some water on a schedule, even if you aren’t feeling thirsty at the time. Always keep a water bottle by your side, and feel free to take a sip or two whenever it occurs to you to do so.

Consider Compression

Compression wear has been shown to reduce fatigue in many cases, and it’s easy to use. Items like a compression shirt can be put on in the morning and worn the entire time you are sailing. In some cases, the compression garments can be worn alone, though some people prefer to wear them under traditional shirts or pants. In cases where a compression garment is a secondary layer, pay attention to the temperature while you are out on the water to make sure you don’t overheat. If you do find yourself getting a bit warm, you may need to remove your outer shirt and stick with just the compression wear.

You can choose to wear a single piece of compression wear, such as just the shirt, or multiple pieces depending on your needs. If you are going to be on your feet all day, then compression socks might be a great piece of clothing to add to help support you the entire time you are on the water.

By following the tips above, you can give yourself a better chance of fighting off fatigue before it starts. That way, you can enjoy a full day of sailing without some of the discomfort or tiredness that may otherwise come about.…

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Best Paddle Boards for Sailors

Most sailors are not only experts in sailing but in water sports as well. Sailors also need to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle and since they are on water a lot of time, a water sport would be a good idea. One of the most popular and enjoyed water sports is surfing. With surfing not only is the surfing skill important but also the type of paddle boards used. A paddle board has a big effect on the surfing experience. It needs to be a good size and made of the right material so that it can serve its function well. It is due to that reasons that there are many types of SUP boards in the market. In shopping for an inflatable paddleboard, reading on inflatable paddle board reviews goes along way as it can help you to choose a paddle board that will best suit your needs. Stand up paddle boards don’t have to be necessarily expensive and there are many ones that are cheap but are equally good. Some of the best inflatable stand up paddle boards includes:

Best Paddle Boards for Sailors

1 iRocker 10′ paddle board

This is has been finely to offer a great quality at a good price. It is a strong brand that is well known for a high bar in terms of quality. At only $500 the iRocker 10 will give you value for money with its outstanding quality.  Some of its features include:

Size: It has a good size to suit sailors of different sizes. It has a length of 10 feet, a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 6 inches which is big enough. The size will give you a surety of stability and ease of making adjustments while surfing.

Quality: The quality is nothing to worry about as it has been made of high quality military grade PVC material and the reinforcement done using an industrial drop stitch construction to make it durable..

Gripping pad: One of the main features the board has is a gripping pad to provide a firmer grip over the board while surfing. In case you want to go for long rides or you want to sit, you are not limited as the pad makes this possible while at the same time offering comfort.

Cargo net: The board features a cargo net containing 4 stainless steel D rings connected via a bungee cord and the net can be used for transportation on the board. You can easily move something from your paddle to your sandals. The location of the cargo net is the platform.

Navigation system: It comes with three fins for navigation, one centrally placed and two to act as a guide for direction.  The triple fin navigation is an improvement of the single fin navigation and is way better and more efficient.

Packaging: The paddleboard comes with a good packaging that contains: a carry bag for transportation and storage, an adjustable light weight paddle, and a high pressure hand pump.

2 Tower Paddle Boards Adventurer

Being among pioneers of inflatable paddle boards, Tower paddle boards are among the best in the market. The manufacturers have developed a strong brand and they are well known for quality. Some of the features of the adventurer include:

Size: The adventurer is a reasonable size that is comfortable for many. It has a length of 9 feet 10 inches, a width of 31 inches for more stability and a thickness of 6 inches. With that thickness you are sure of the paddle board not curving at the center because of high pressure or weight.  The size gives you confident of water not getting onto your paddle board no matter the current.

Quality: The Company makes the boards using military PVC core which is same material used in zodiac boats. As opposed to glue, the company uses industrial drop stitch construction for reinforcement. Just to be sure, the company does several tests to the boards before releasing them to the market to make sure the quality is up to par.

Gripping pad: Just like many paddle boards, the adventurer also has a gripping pad but in this case it is on the platform to cover critical parts. With the grip you can have more control on the board as you surf. D-rings: The board has two D-rings that are each located on the extreme ends of the board for more safety on the board.

Navigation system: The Adventurer a great triple fin navigation system for easy and improved navigation while at the same time helping you stay in line.

Package: The adventurer has a good package that is worth considering.  The package contains an Adjustable paddle and a high pressure hand pump for maintenance of the inflatable paddle board.

3 ISLE Peak

This is a much better board as compared to the two previous boards. It gives you value for money for great features and a fair price. Some of its features include:

Size: the Isle Peak has a length of 10’6” that would be a great size for any sailor. The width of the board measures 31 inches and the unique thing about it is that the size can accommodate two paddlers as it is wide enough while at the same time maintaining balance and stability. The thickness of the board is 6 inches to make it more solid and durable.

Quality: The material used is the same as that one used in zodiac boats which is a military grade PVC core to make it more durable. The board has been put together by an industrial drop stitch construction unlike some low quality boards that use glue.

Gripping pad: It has a grip pad that is located at the end of the board to create balance while peddling. The grip provides you an additional comfort to enjoy the game with no worries.

Premium cargo net: It has a cargo net that is more advanced than the other nets. What makes it better is the 6 D-rings that are connected via a bungee cord. With the cargo net, you have convenience in transporting things on the board.

Navigation system: The board is loaded with a single fin to be steadier and have an enhanced sense of direction.

Colors: Unlike other boards that have limited colors, this one comes in 4 different colors for you to get your color of preference. The available colors are: red, aqua, blue and white.

ISLE Peak Package: As much as other features are important, the package is equally important too. The Isle peak package contains: a paddle and coil leash, a carry bag, a detachable central fin, and a high pressure hand pump.

4 Ten Toes Weekender

A big respectable brand is expected to deliver the best and Ten Toes does not disappoint on this. They have affordable quality boards. Some of the features of a weekender include:

Size: The weekender was made with size in mind and has a length of 10 feet sharp .With a width of 30 inches it is stable for sure. Its thickness is 6 inches which makes the board comfortable and durable.

Quality: The board has been made with a solid military grade PVC core and reinforced with an industrial drop-stitch construction.  The many positive reviews can tell you the quality of the board is at par.

Gripping pad: Equipped with a gripping pad that covers over 50% of the bard surface, the Weekender should be your go to paddle board.

Cargo net: In case you need to transfer things within the board in hands free way you are covered as the board has 4 stainless steel D-rings which are connected via a bungee cord.

Navigation: It consists of triple fin navigation, one big central fin for an improved sense of direction and 2 smaller parallel fins for steadiness.

Packaging: It comes with: 3 PC adjustable paddle, 3 removable fins, a high pressure hand pump, and a repair kit

5 Zray 10’10” X2 Inflatable SUP

Zray is a company that has been in the market for a long time and thus the best is expected of them and that’s why they deliver nothing less. Some of the features of the paddleboards are:

Size: At a length of 10 feet 10 inches any sailor can be comfortable surfing. It has a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 6 inches when it is fully inflated. With the size you can have the confidence of comfort and the board being long lasting.

Quality: The board has been made with a solid military grade PVC core for a strong solid build. The board has been reinforced with an industrial drop-stitch construction which is an upgrade to glue that would be used.

Gripping pad: The Weekender features a gripping pad that cover over 50% of the board surface.

Cargo net: The board has a cargo net that consists of D-rings connected via a solid bungee cord

Navigation: It consists of single fin navigation which is relatively as good as the triple fin navigation.

Packaging: Its package consists of: a light weight adjustable paddle, a premium high pressure hand pump, a back pack carry bag for transportation and storage, and a central removable fin.

6 PathFinder P73

The pathfinder P73 inflatable SUP board is impressive both in appearance and its features. Some of the features include:

Size: As much as there are boards that are relatively longer, its length of 9 feet 9 inches is still comfortably long and many sailors can fall in the bracket. It has a width of 30 inches for more stability and balance. Its thickness is 5 inches for it not to bend on the center and help the board stay above the water level at all times.

Quality:  Not only has the board been made with a military grade PVC material but has also been multi layered for more durability. Other than the material used, the board has been reinforced with an industrial drop-stitch construction.

Gripping pad: It has a comfortable gripping pad to cover the rear areas of the board for maximum balance and control on the board.

Cargo net: The net comprises of 4 stainless steel D-rings connected via a solid bungee cord

Navigation: It consists of single fin navigation for the board to be steady.

Packaging: Its package includes: an adjustable aluminum paddle, one detachable central fin, carry bag, a shoulder strap and a basic repair kit

7 Vilano Journey

This is a cheap but very high quality paddle board that is worth looking into. Some of its great features include:

Size: The Vilano Journey has a length that is similar to that of the pathfinder which is a length of 9 feet 9 inches. It has a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 5 inches. It is basically a standard size paddle board that will give you the comfort you need.

Cargo Net: It contains a premium cargo net that has two sets of D rings. There is a set of 5 stainless steel D-rings that are scattered around the gripping pad and a set of 4 D-rings located on the nose to serve as a nifty cargo net

Gripping pad: It has well-made gripping pad from where you can hold to provide more comfort, balance and stability.

Navigation: AS opposed to some boards which have triple fin navigation, the Vilano Journey features a single fin navigation system.

Packaging: The package is quite a catch, it features a high pressure hand pump hooked with a pressure gauge, one 3 piece aluminum paddle, a carry bag and a shoulder strap.

8 Aqua Marina Vapor

Aqua Marina is one of the best inflatable paddle board you will find in the market. Some of its great features include:

Size: The Vapor has been made a good size with a length of 10.8 feet in length, a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 4 inches. The size gives it a solid build and more durable.

Quality: The Aqua Marina is made of multi layered military grade PVC material same material used in zodiac boats. The board has been put together with an industrial drop stitch construction which is the equivalent of a hulk smash.

Gripping Pads: Just like many boards, the aqua marina also has a gripping pad but its pad has been made in such a way that it covers all the critical areas of the board.

Cargo Net:  The board has a cargo net that is located on the chest of the board to easily transfer anything on the board without much hustle. The board has extra D-rings by the rear of the board for installation of a backrest or a kayak seat.

Navigation: It has an improved navigation system which is the triple fin navigation which is an upgrade from the single fin navigation system.

Packaging: The packaging contains: a one three piece collapsible paddle, carry bag, and a high pressure hand pump with pressure gauge.

9 Vilano Navigators

When it comes to great inflatable paddle boards, the Vilano Navigator cannot be left behind. Some of its great features include:

Size: The Vilano Navigator is a great size with a length of 10 inches, a width of 31 inches and a thickness of 6 inches to keep you above the water level.

Quality: To ensure quality, the material used in making the Vilano paddle board is solid military grade PVC core with a reinforcement of industrial drop stitch construction.

Gripping pad: The board features a gripping pad that covers the critical areas at the rear of the board for better control.

Cargo net: The cargo net consists of a set of D-rings that are equally distributed on the platform. The 4 D-rings are all connected via a bungee cord.

Navigation: The board features a single fin navigation system

Package: The package contains: a high pressure hand pump + pressure gauge, one 3 piece lightweight aluminum paddle, a removable fin, a carry-bag back pack and a shoulder strap

10 Aqua Marina Breeze

Being one of the latest and finest creations of Aqua Marina, the Breeze is a paddle board that is worth looking into. Some of its features include:

Size: It has a length of 9.75 feet which is a standard length for most people. It features a width of 30 inches and a thickness of 4 inches.

Quality:  To ensure high quality, the board has been made with a multi-layered military grade PVC material for a strong build. Its reinforcement has been done using an industrial drop stitch construction for more durability.

Gripping pad: The board features an extra-large premium gripping pad that covers the board’s platform for more efficiency and comfort.

Cargo Net:  Its cargo net consists of 4 D-rings that are connected via a bungee cord and are placed at the head of the board.

Navigation: This entails a triple fin navigation system on the board which makes navigation very easy as opposed to single fin navigation.

Packaging:  Its package includes: 3 piece adjustable pack, back pack carry bag for easier transportation and storage, a high pressure hand pump + pressure gauge and generic repair kit.


As seen above, there are many great paddle boards at cheap prices and thus a sailor can easily get what they need. As much as the boards have relatively the same features, the prices are different which will depend on individual budget. It’s about time to get a paddle board and have some fun.…

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Sewing for Sailors

Sailors, you might find this title a little bit odd. After all, when you are out on the water, the last thing you are thinking about is sewing. However, if you are really honest, you will recognize that a large number of items on your boat require professional stitch work. So, sewing for sailors isn’t that farfetched.

Before you start this sewing endeavor though, be sure to review the best sewing machines. There are hundreds of sewing machines on the market. Determining the kind you need will be based on what you intend to do on the boat, or before you hit the water. If you are just going to make some pillows or a quilt, then you’ll have plenty of information after you visit the link provided. However, sewing the heavier canvas materials requires a good deal more knowledge.

sailors sewing

How to Sew Canvas Properly

The canvas on your boat is going to be the trickiest part of your sewing endeavors. It is imperative that you learn how to sew canvas properly. A regular sewing machine isn’t going to work because canvas is simply too thick and resistant for an ordinary machine. Please take these suggestions under serious advisement before you begin sewing the canvas materials on your boat:

  1. Lock stitches– This is very important for the integrity of the piece you are sewing. Be sure to lock the stitches at both the beginning and the ends of the seams by putting the machine in reverse and then moving forward again. Read this.
  2. Top position– It’s a huge pain in the rear to have the thread come out of the needle in the middle of sewing a piece. If you make sure that the thread’s take up arm is in the top position before you begin sewing, you’ll lessen your chances of this irritation.
  3. Fabric creases– Canvas doesn’t crease easily. You’ll probably find this out the hard way unless you adhere to our suggestions. Try rolling it over the edge of a table to create the creases where you want them.
  4. Spare bobbins- We like to keep things moving. Any interruption that can be avoided are high on our priority list. Therefore, spool up a bunch of spare bobbins before you begin so that you can just change them out as needed.
  5. Double check– Our dad used to say, “Measure twice. Cut once.” It’s the same concept here, except we suggest that you double check the way the fabric layup will work prior to beginning to sew. You’ll save yourself a good deal of headache this way.
  6. Zigzag stitching- It’s a good idea to purchase a machine that can do zigzag stitching. With that nifty bit of technology you might not even need a zipper foot. Just a helpful suggestion from people who have learned a thing or two.
  7. Needle position– When you have to change the bobbin, it’s really easy to bump the needle and thereby change its location. That’s why we suggest you double check the needle’s position before you resume sewing after a bobbin change.
  8. Basting tape– You will love this stuff. It will help keep things in place and ensure that your stitches look a lot nicer. Learn more.

Of course, you might need some more in depth advice. The best we can do is offer this video for zipper installations since we didn’t bridge that topic. Happy sewing and happier sailing.…

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Tactics and Techniques for Fishing from Sailboats

It is very common to find blue-water sailors complaining that catching fish while on passage is almost impossible. This can be a very big problem is one has not perfected the technique of fishing from a sailboat. Fishing is a good thing, because fish are a great supplement to our diets, being a great source of proteins.

Tactics and Techniques for Fishing from Sailboats

Never Kill for Fun

There are those that argue that it is bad to fish since it involves killing a life. If you were to change places with the fish and the fish was bigger than you, the truth is that the fish would most likely make a meal out of you. It would only be logical for you to do the same thing to the fish, make a meal out of it. What the fish won’t do is kill you and put you on display where it lives, killing you for sport. This is what brings us to our first rule when it comes to ethical fishing, never kill fish for fun.

Kill as Quickly as Possible

Imagine that you were the fish again, going about your own way, and suddenly, a delicious burger appears out of the blue. You grab it to eat it but suddenly, you’re yanked out of your world by funny looking creatures. The creatures butcher you and finally eat you. The best thing that you would want was for those funny creatures to kill you quickly and painlessly. That brings us to the second point, don’t play the fish on the line. Instead, kill it as quickly as possible.

Use as Little Gear as Possible

We already said that it is wrong to kill for fun, sport fishing. As is common, most people who tend to kill for sport are also the ones that are obsessed with gear. As such, it would be a principle for sailors to do the direct opposite when fishing since it is ethical. They should use as little gear as possible. You’ll also find that it is more effective and convenient this way. There’s also the issue of space on the sailboat, the rods and reels already take up enough space. Too much gear won’t add to the number of fish that one will catch, either.

Fancy Rods and Reels Won’t Necessarily Catch More Fish

Imagine how you would feel if you went and purchased expensive and fancy fishing rods and reels and then go fishing against someone with a simple rod and reel. Imagine that other person catching more fish that you during the passage. It would definitely tear up your pride but the truth is that this happens every time. As long as the fishing rod and reel can fish, they don’t have to be fancy and expensive.

In order for one to achieve good results when fishing, one of the tricks is to use multiple lures in the water. This way, the fish will think that it is a field day with multiple snacks in the water, increasing the chances of catching fish. One can also use cheap rubber squids or something similar, since they are very attractive to fish like tuna and dorado. The use of 200-pound test monofilament lines is also advised since they are heavy and more humane and less likely to break under a heavy load.

One other trick when fishing is to keep the lines as short as possible despite the common belief that fish will not go for lures that are too near the boats. The truth is that the fish in the ocean tend to be attracted to boats as long as the engines are not running or are very silent. It is very attractive to the ocean predators when the lure doesn’t sink too far in the water. With a short line, it is also easier to land fish once they have been hooked. There won’t be any use to slow the boat to bring the catch aboard due to the lack of scope in the line as well as the speed with which it is moving since the fish will be bouncing along the surface. The fish won’t be able to put up a fight since it won’t be under the water. 50 feet long lines will in most instances work very well.

When it comes to killing the fish, we agreed that it is best to kill it as quickly as possible. The fastest and least painful way to doing this is to pour alcohol down it’s gills. It might not be an impressive experience for some since the fish usually goes crazy the moment that the alcohol touches it, flailing around as if it is possessed by demons before it dies. One other process of killing it is by bludgeoning it or just letting it suffocate in the atmosphere. With your fish in hand, you can now go ahead and prepare it for a meal.

Preferred Targets

When sailing through the tropics in the North Atlantic, tuna and dorado are the most common fish that one is bound to come across. They are excellent prey for sailors since they are fast swimmers that like feeding near the surface of the water. Speeds of between five and eight knots are perfect for catching both species.

The tuna fish come in many different species from lengths of four feet for the lesser tuna, to nine feet for the Bluefin, the most prized tuna, coming at over 1,000 pounds. Tuna are warm blooded fish, and the fact that their bodies generate body heat means that they can swim in a wide range of temperatures. They are very powerful swimmers. With their hydrodynamic body form, they can attain speeds of 40 mph over short bursts. They’re also known to feed in water as deep as 1,600 feet.

When fishing from a sailboat, the most common type of tuna fish that a sailor is bound to come across is the Yellowfin. It generates its name from the fact that it’s second dorsal and anal fins are both bright yellow. The fact that they can usually be found in schools, either with their own kind, or with other fish of the same size, and that they are attracted to floating objects make them an easy target. When killing the tuna fish, it is important to note that they have large quantities of red blood cells. This means that you would want to drain the blood before cleaning the fish. Once the fish is dead, one can make incisions behind the gills and then drag the fish in the water behind the boat for at least half an hour. This will reduce the mess during preparation.

Dorado, also known as mahi-mahi, or dolphin, don’t live nearly as long as tuna and grow to a maximize size of about five feet. Most are smaller and on average weigh 15 to 25 pounds. They are distinguished by their brilliant coloration—an array of vivid yellows, blues, and greens. These colors change rapidly when the fish is landed and fade to a dull yellowish-grey by the time it is dead.

For more on techniques and tactics for fishing, one can always refer here. Now that we are done with looking at the techniques and tactics when it comes to fishing, we are going to review one of the best trout fishing rods on the market today. Below we are going to look at what to look for in a good rod, weighing the features, pros and cons.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package Review

Fly fishing is the perfect way for one to pass their time seating by their favorite lake or stream as they wait for the fish to take the bait. This way, one can have the perfect opportunity to catch fish such as trout, salmon, bass amongst other fish. With stronger fly rods, one can catch bigger saltwater fish such as the tuna and marlin. The type of fish gear that one has is what determines the type of fish that one catches.

What to look for in a fly fishing rod

A seasoned fisherman would tell you that in order to reel in the feistier fish, a sailor would need to have a good rod. Fly fishing involves the use of a light, artificial “fly” or “lure” made in such a way that it resembles the fishes natural prey. These are attached to a rod that brings about more flexibility and accuracy in the process. The casting technique for fly fishing also varies depending on habitat one is fishing in. Fishing techniques in the ocean, for instance, vary from fishing techniques in rivers and lakes.

Power and Accuracy

Power and accuracy are required for fly fishing. Armed with a good rod and smart casting techniques, it becomes much easier to lure fish to the bait. Any wrong move could frighten the fish, which means that subtlety of movement is of utmost importance. In this case, the rod also needs to be strong enough to hold the fish.


A good fly road will give you power, accuracy, and line control.  Flexibility is also very important, so it can bend and adjust without snapping under pressure. Different fly rods offer different action. Fast action rods are stiffer and stronger, so you can cast easier even if it’s windy, but they are less precise and can be more difficult for beginners.

The less flexible are not the best choice for short casts. Slow action rods are more flexible and are better for catching smaller fish like brook trout or panfish. Medium action rods let you do both, and are best if you want to try different fly fishing conditions.


Fly weight is yet another condition. Smaller weight numbers (1 to 3) are good for smaller fish, while weights 4 is good for medium fish and weight 5 is for average-sized fish. Weights 6, 7 and 8 is great for bigger fish like bass and salmon. Your fly weight affects your reel weight.


Fishing rods come in different lengths, so if you get longer rods look for one that can be broken into smaller pieces and has a case that is convenient to carry.

Complete Set

If you’re new to fly fishing, it’s easier to get a complete set that has everything you need from the get-go. You can’t go wrong with the Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package. It comes with all the equipment, from a fishing rod to baits, lures, and even a case.


It also comes at a very affordable price, considering everything that comes with the kit. Fly fishing equipment can be quite expensive, with some rigs costing up to $500, but this goes for $89.99 and includes accessories that would cost much more if you bought them individually. This is an excellent fishing rod for the local pond or trophy trout stream. You’ll be able to catch small trout, small bass, and panfish with ease.


  • The kit includes a four-piece fly rod (suitable for a five or six weight line), a center disc drag die-cast aluminum large arbor reel (it is preloaded with backing), and a five-weight floating fly line. It also comes with tapered leaders, a rod sock, and a rod case. You also receive a fully equipped fly box that contains nine flies and an extra leader.
  • The fishing rod measures nine feet and has four sections. It is made of graphite and weighs 5.7 ounces.
  • It has a mid-flex and is slow action.
  • It comes with three Black Winged Ants, three Parachute Adams and three Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear Nymphs
  • The reel is set up for left hand retrieve but can be shifted to right hand retrieve.
  • The rod is colored dark grey with black winding.
  • The company offers a lifetime rod warranty.


  • It has the most five-star customer reviews on Amazon. Customers were pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rods, accessories, and the packaging. The fly box is strong, the fly patterns are well selected, and the pieces are stored in fabric rolls and cylinder tubes that protect them during travel. A lot thought and care has been put into the set.
  • It is ideal for new fly fishermen. The slow action, mid flex design will make it quite easy for a beginner to learn how to cast.
  • The case itself will last for a lifetime – one reviewer noted a case of that quality would already cost half the price of the entire kit if you bought it elsewhere. It also has a zippered pouch where you can store flies and small accessories.


  • You may need to replace the reel, with some fishermen complaining that it is large and clunky and has an inconsistent drag.
  • The guides are attached with plastic bulbs that can’t be repaired, and are not that sturdy.
  • While the rod comes with a lifetime warranty, the cost of shipping and other service fees may make it cheaper to buy a new one.
  • As a starter kit, this understandably does not have the more expensive (and more durable) rods and accessories. Serious fly fishermen will want to have better, stronger parts that will last for several years. Once you become more serious about the hobby, you may want to invest in better rods and flies.


The Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 5/6 Starter Package offers great value for money and will enable beginners or budget-conscious anglers to pursue this hobby. More experienced and demanding fly fishermen may be disappointed by the product, and should look into the other fly fishing rods offered by the company. All in all, it is the best fishing rod for people who are looking for versatility and affordability.…

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Waste Management Tips for Sailors

Since waste management is part of every home, it is important for everyone to have tips on waste management and this includes sailors. Waste management is not only important for the wellbeing of a home but is important for an individual since poor waste management is punishable. For the case of sailors, poor waste management may lead to death of sea life which is a source of livelihood for many. Many countries have environmental policies that punish those who offend the environmental laws for proper management of the environment. The federal law has made it very easy to know how hazardous a waste is be requiring a manufacturing company to have labels. Most of the time very hazardous material will be labeled as dangerous or poisonous and thus in case of those e labels the waste should be disposed in the right way.

Waste Management Tips for Sailors

Apart from avoiding getting punished by law, there are many other benefits that come with proper waste management. Some of them include:

Health and Life: Conserving the environment comes with health and life. Improper waste management leads to pollution which comes with many health problems and in some cases even death. Since sailors are mainly on water, waste disposal on water causes water pollution and this leads to death of sea life. Since some wastes cannot decompose in water, they will carry by water and deposited at some point. Some may be a health hazard since they are poisonous to the water. It may lead to poisonous water which if consumed may lead to diseases and in some cases death. Contaminated water leads to water borne diseases such as cholera. Eating sea food that is contaminated leads to some diseases in humans such as hepatitis. By sailors having proper waste management they will avoid all those diseases and even death.

Maintenance of the food chain: Pollution leads to disruption of food chain such that if there are dangerous deposits in the water, there are small fish that will consume them and the small fish will be consumed by the big fish and thus the whole aquatic food chain will be disrupted. Therefore proper waste management will make sure that the food chain is maintained and not disrupted.

Maintenance of the eco system: Pollution leads to the destruction of water ecosystem which affects humans too.

Contributing to waste energy: There is a new technology that is being employed to turn waste into energy by producing electricity. Thus if you dispose your wastes well you will contribute to generation of electricity.

Even though sailors cannot avoid producing wastes, they can employ strategies that can help them manage wastes. By adopting the “reduce, reuse, and recycle” policy, they can manage wastes in a better way.

Reduce: Sailors can reduce the consumption of things they can avoid to reduce wastage. They can reduce polythene waste by using reusable Shopping Bags. This can also be in form of reducing the consumption of biodegradable substances. They can reduce consumption of unnecessary things such as paper products like junk mail and magazines among others. When they go for shopping they should consider the packaging used , and opt for packaging that can be recycled or reused as opposed to packaging that has to be disposed of. Buying household items in bulk also helps to reduce the packaging that will be in form of waste. They can opt for packaging that can be used severally for example instead of using plastic bottles one can opt for reusable bottles with lids. Instead of buying detergents and cleaning items one can make their own.

Reuse: Reusing is a great way of managing waste as it reduces a lot of waste. Both degradable and non-biodegradable waste can be re used. Food wastes can be reduced if they are re-used. In the case of clothes, old clothes can be re used in other ways such as dusting or cleaning the house. Those that are not used can be given out for charity. For electronic goods that can be reused, many places have centers where they can be disposed well for reuse. Demolition wastes and computers can also be reused. Food containers and spice containers can be re used in many other ways. Cloth napkins can be used instead since they can be reused; rechargeable batteries can substitute non rechargeable batteries. There are many other ways in which goods can be reused at home to reduce wastage.

Recycle: With recycling, items that are deemed as waste and made in a different way and re used and this is a great way of reducing wastage.  There are many items both degradable and non-degradable that can be recycled and they include glass, metal, plastic, clothing and appliances among many others. In most cases there are companies that deal with recycling and even offer incentives to promote recycling. As much as most recycling is done by companies, recycling can be done at home too by having a compost manure to recycle food wastes and yard wastes. If you are not in the position to do that, there skip bins hire companies that take care of all the recycling part.

Dealing with disposable waste

To save on the hustle of dealing with disposable waste, there are many companies that deal with waste management such as skip bin hire by west bin that soldiers in Perth can use to manage their wastes.

At least West Bin saves you the worry of dealing with wastes that you produce as the have a wide array of services that includes recycling your waste. Some of the waste management services that soldiers will enjoy are from West Bin includes:

Waste Management

They have an extensive range of services that deal with waste management. They are equipped with experts that deal with all kinds of wastes to make sure regardless of the waste produced it can be taken care of. With a wide range of sizes of skip bins, you do not have to worry about your skip bin being too large or small. They will come to your exact location to get your heap. They have a wide range of tracks that can access whatever location to take your trash.


West Bin is one of the few companies that is very eco-friendly and reduce wastes in as many ways as possible. They have a recycling policy and thus if you are into recycling but don’t have the time to personally do it they will do that for you. They will sort your trash, take any recyclable items and get them recycled.

Waste transfer station

In many cases, a waste transfer station has to be approved by the council. Having a company that has a waste transfer station that is approved by the council is a big plus and that is why West bin should be your choice for skip hire.  From the waste transfer station, different wastes can be sort and disposed accordingly.

Wide range of bin sizes

No one wants to deal with a skin bin hire company that does not have a wide range of bins. This will only pose as an inconvenience. At West bin, you will get a wide variety of bin sizes to meet your needs better.

Factors to consider in hiring a skip Bin

Hiring a skip bin is not all about going to a waste management company and buying their packages but there are factors that need to be considered to ensure a happy customer. Some of the main factors that you should consider include:

Your needs

It is important to know your needs in order to know the kind of service you need. Different customers have different needs and that is why many companies will have a wide range of services. Some of the things that can define your needs are the amount of waste, the kind of waste you produce, your location, your budget, your environmental beliefs and values. If you know your needs well you can know the kind of service you need and the kind of companies that will best suit your needs.  Because we all want convenience in choosing a skip hire company, knowing your needs will help you choose a company that will ensure you have maximum convenience.

The company offerings

Different companies operate in different ways and they all have different values, beliefs, policies and packages. If you know your needs you will then get a company that will best meet your needs. It will guide you in getting a company that has a wide range of skip bins, can reach your location with ease, can respond fast when in need, gives you value for money, and does proper waste management.  You will be able to get a company that is in line with your value and beliefs, for example in terms of eco friendliness.


No matter where your location in Perth, as a soldier you should be able to manage your waste well. This can be done individually or through a company.  Good news is that there are many great companies that do skip bin hire services and thus with proper knowledge of your needs you should be able to get a suitable one. With the many effects of wastes it is clearly a worthy cause to engage in.…

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The Makings of a Great Sailor

You have probably wondered what it takes to be a great sailor. And, the makings of a great sailor don’t have to be out of reach for you. In fact, we intend to give you all the information you need to ensure your own ability to become the sailor you have always dreamed of. And, you might learn a thing or two in the process.

A good sailboat has a lengthy deck. A little bit of research will reveal that good longboard brands in 2017 also have lengthy decks. And, they require some of the same skills necessary for successful sailing. But, unless you have actually taken a board for a spin, you might not see the connection. So, to fully understand how sailing and longboarding can be related, please be sure to read the reviews and at least try a moment on a board. Of course, you could also just keep reading.

The Makings of a Great Sailor

Qualities of a Successful Sailor

Maybe you have been called a “good sailor” and realized that the term was a bit innocuous. So, just to ensure that you understand how big a compliment it is, we would like to reveal the qualities of a successful sailor:

  1. Intuition- If you are one of those people who innately know where the wind is and where it’s going, then this word describes you. If the boat is faster whenever you are in charge, it shows your understanding of the sea is infinitely better than most. Intuition is kind of magical and good sailors are more than gifted. Learn more about intuition here.
  2. MacGyver-esque– Good sailors are jacks of all trades. They are capable of maintaining the well-being of the boat and all the crew. Their ability to improvise and think on their feet makes them incredible sailors. Since boats don’t carry spares, in any area, the ability to utilize innovation makes them exceptional. Learn more.
  3. Calm- You can’t get all riled up and stressed out at sea. A good sailor is able to remain calm in the midst of the greatest storms and craziest situations. Even when everybody else is screaming and freaking out, a good sailor knows that peace is what is most needed and he/she is able to provide that to all on board.
  4. Experience– As much as we have focused on natural, innate, abilities, the truth is, experience is necessary. No one will ever be a great sailor without some sort of experience on the water and in control of a boat. And, the more time you put under the keel, the better you will be. You will grasp all the fundamentals of boating and sailing and understand all the systems attached to a boat. That experience will heavily contribute to your good sailor label. Read this.
  5. Rum- This part of the list is meant to be a little bit humorous. However, most people believe that a good sailor should be capable of holding his/her rum. Sailors don’t usually get sea sick and they are never the first ones to be hurling overboard while everyone else is still drinking. While drinking on the boat is probably fun, it is smart to be sure that you don’t drink too much.

Sailing and longboarding both take intuition, calmness, and experience in order to be successful. So, that makes them similar. Therefore, if you’d like to take on the sport of longboarding, be sure you do your research at Top Sports Brands.…

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Boat Maintenance Tips for Sailors

As a sailor who spends most of his time on boats and ships, taking care of them is imperative. Ranging from storage to cleaning to just regular maintenance of the boat – there are numerous things that can be done to take care of the boat. Apart from dealing with its performance, it’s also important to keep your boat clean and free from all kinds of pests. If you want to get an annual pest removal done for your boat, or even your house, you can contact and ask Neverpest.com Pest Control Resource and Quotes to get a better idea and estimate.

Boat Maintenance Tips for Sailors

Fundamental Storage Tips

Whether you are putting away your boat at home or at a nearby boat yard, it is vital to comprehend what sort of gear is required to secure your boat when it is out of the water. Sailboats have diverse requirements from speedboats to smaller individual boat and much bigger boats. Choosing whether to store your boat inside or outside may simply involve inclination or moderateness, however relying upon where you live, it could mean the contrast between heaps of additional springtime support or having the capacity to dispatch your boat the moment the weather turns great.

Indoor storage furnishes you with ensured insurance from the climate and open air conditions. UV rays can harm a wide range of segments on your boat and protection against rain, wind and temperature varieties can be fundamental in areas that experience a lot of those climatic conditions. While storing your boat somewhere inside your house, it is imperative cover it properly to keep it free from debris and moisture. It can likewise keep rodents, insects and different vermin off of your boat.

Routine Maintenance Tips

It is imperative to build up a normal routine of properly maintaining your boat. On the off chance that you don’t have a clue about a considerable measure about fundamental boat maintenance, don’t be hesitant to take an essential class. You will probably discover these classes close or even once in a while at the nearby marina. Get some information about possible classes in the zone and rebates for taking classes that can be connected to your arrangement. There are a couple highlights on your boat that should be checked frequently consistently, and in addition different things that should be checked regularly before you put your boat in the water and after you take it out once more.

Engine – look for any rust or erosion on the motor, fuel line and braces; replace any belts and hoses that are worn or harmed; flush the motor after each and every outing

Oil – oil ought to be changed when it gets messy; check the oil channel to ensure that it is working

Propeller – check it consistently for any dents or cracks, replacing and repairing when important; ensure it is appropriately lubed and that the nut is fixed adequately

Frame – search for splits or whatever other kind of harm; make a point to fix and repair them as you discover them utilizing the best possible excited boat stands and bottom stands to bolster the boat…

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Some of the Best Reasons Why You Should Start Sailing

Do you want to make your normal vacation into something that you will never forget? You can elevate your vacation by sailing. When you sail, there are so many things you can see and do. For every sailing vacation that you do, you know that it will be different. There are some sailing expeditions that you will treasure more than most. What better way to document all of your sailing escapades than taking pictures?

One of the best cameras that you can use is the Panasonic Lumix DMC fz1000. Aside from the fact that this has all the specifications that you are searching for in a camera, you do not have to be an expert to use it. You can sail and take pictures of the vast ocean and the people that you are with each time. It will help you remember that different sailing expeditions you have had very well.

Some of the Best Reasons Why You Should Start Sailing

Are you still not convinced of the reasons why you should go sailing? Here are a few things to consider:

  1. You can enjoy the biggest playground in the world – the bodies of water that you are going to sail in. You may sail at different places if you please or you may also choose to sail at once place. For sure, you will still have different experiences each time.
  2. Get to pick out the destinations you would like to visit – The best thing about sailing is you will get to travel wherever you want as long as the waters are not prohibited to be checked. You can also visit multiple places in one trip. It might take a few days. Some even take a few weeks before they can go back but you know that it is always worth it.
  3. You can sail with the people that you love – Like mentioned earlier, you may want to make sailing the perfect vacation. It can be the perfect family vacation that all of your family members will not forget. You know that when you go sailing with people, you will have memories of the whole event that will bond you closer together.
  4. You can also sail alone – If you want to experience peace and solitude for a few days, you may opt to sail alone. There may be some disadvantages to this however like not being able to reach anyone when you run into some sailing problems but if all things will go smoothly, you will have an experience that will help you appreciate life more.
  5. You can find happiness when you start sailing – When you sail, you are not working out your body physically, and you are also challenging your brain to find new routes to check and to search for destinations that will let you see more of the world.

Whether you are alone or with a group of people, there are still a lot of good reasons why sailing can be one of the best things you can do from time to time.…

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