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Sailing for Beginners

Sailing is a thrilling and full of action activity, which can turn into a fun and cool hobby. Even though some folks consider sailing as hard to learn, trust me when I say it is not hard. All you need to do is get a teacher or an instructor who can teach you all the necessary techniques. Once you know the techniques, nobody can stop you from sailing on the sea.

The excitement and thrill that comes with sailing cannot be met by any other hobby. Keeping all the things on track can get confusing but after going sailing twice or thrice with your instructor, you can go sailing alone.

Before going sailing, the first thing you should consider is your safety. Since you are an amateur you don’t know the kind of conditions and situations you will be facing out there which is why you need to be prepared for everything.

Make sure you have your gear ready which includes inflatable tubes, sailing tools, and waterproof torches. It is seen that sailors usually don’t consider swimming goggles as part of their swimming gear but that is not right. Your eyes are the most vulnerable part and they can be damaged during sailing. Since it is very windy during the sailing season, there are salt particles, dust particles, bacteria and viruses flying around in the wind which can damage your eye and your vision. For this, it is necessary that you invest in good swimming goggles that you can wear while sailing.

The search of looking for an ideal pair of swimming goggles for yourself can be very mind-boggling. The reason being that there are hundreds of types of goggles each with their plusses and minuses. You don’t have to buy extremely expensive swimming goggles, the key is to find goggles that are ideal for your face structure and fit perfectly.

Fitting of swimming goggles is not only dependent on its straps, rather the shapes and width of the goggles play an important role. The seal of the goggles is also extremely important as their fitting decides if the water will sweep in or not. The goggles you buy should have a seal that is comfortable at the inner eye and outer eye corner. Without this, your goggles will not be of any use. The best solution for this is to buy goggles that have adjustable straps and adjustable nose piece. This way, if you feel the goggles are not comfortable and the water is coming in, you can adjust the goggles according to your face structure.

There are many kinds of swimming goggles, with different lens colors, visibilities, and shapes. To choose the best swimming goggles for yourself, make sure you search the market first and if you are ordering online, buy from the retailers that promise to give you a full refund.

Once you are done choosing the ideal sailing gear for yourself, you can go to the part where you learn actual sailing. There are three primary skills that you should be familiar with. These are:

Wind direction analysis:

This part is quite tricky but with practice, you can judge the direction in no time. Apart from your own senses, you can also rely on sailing gadgets like a wind vane. You can also use ribbons attached at the end of a long stick.


This is an imperative yet easy technique to learn. Your sailing depends on how accurately and professionally you can steer your sail. The trimming of your sail depends on your steering abilities.


This technique is significant for changing direction and letting your boat sail in one direction. The key is to stop your sale from fluttering by tightening the sailcloth.

Once you master these three techniques, you will be able to sail alone on the sea.…

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