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The Best Sailing Vlogs

If you’re into sailing, then it only makes sense that you follow some of the best sailing vlogs in this advanced era of YouTube Vlogging. There are thousands of YouTube channels to choose from. The great thing about visual media is that it can be lovely, fun and still show you something. The following is a rundown of some of the best sailing vlogs.

Sailing Vlogs

SV Prism

Great production quality, incredible cinematography. They’re a cool youthful couple sailing about the world. They’re very certified and demonstrate a great deal of the daily activities related with the sailing way of life. Swimming in the water, preparing the boat, finding modest nearby liquor, settling the watercraft, meeting individuals, fixing the boat… They’re focused, with excellent pictures and mindful discourse. In case you’re considering sailing in the Baja, this is one of the must-see sailing vlogs.

Salt and Tar

Salt and Tar resembles a Tolkien enlivened, fever dream. Envision meandering through the enormous conifers of the PNW. You hear the delicate sound of etch on wood. Parting the blackberry shrubs and sword plants you see a clearing. There, amidst the clearing are a few mythical beings discreetly constructing a wonderful wooden sailboat. It’s amusingly stylish. Be that as it may, behind this lovely exterior is an undeniable couple working hard to make their fantasy of building a sailboat and sailing the world. What’s more, they’re extremely serious about what they do!

Bums on a Boat

The title is the perfect description. At times sailing and sailing can be burdened by planning and rigging and stress. Not here, these three friends are exceptionally contagious in their eagerness, fellowship and trustworthiness. In the event that you like the narrative Hold Fast, you’ll adore Bums on a Boat. We’ve all got the opportunity to begin some place and this sailing vlog is a decent lesson in not considering yourself excessively important and in reality simply getting out there and doing it.

Shaun and Julia Sailing the World

Youthful Canadian couple on their way around the globe on a shoe-string spending plan. They’re additionally extremely smart business people and aren’t reluctant to share their secrets to an effective sailing vlog. Their voyage on the Eastern seaboard sees little harbors, towns and spots that generally don’t get noticed a lot. They are great motivation to quick the 9-5, go sailing and perhaps profit en route.

Whitespot Pirates

Whitespot Pirates demonstrates that men aren’t simply the only ones having a fabulous time. Berenike (Nike) is solo sailing her 30+ foot aluminum boat Karl around the globe. She keeps it real; itemizing the astonishing highs and cyclonic lows of the sailing life.

If you’re inspired reading about all these vloggers and want to vlog your own sailing journey, go ahead and get started right away. Get yourself the best camcorder that you can lay your hands on, for example, the canon xh-g1s. It comes with a flip out LCD, has instant auto-focus, comes with optical stabilization feature, time code and gen lock synchronization. If you are able to grab it at a discounted price, then go for it without thinking twice.

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