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The Makings of a Great Sailor

You have probably wondered what it takes to be a great sailor. And, the makings of a great sailor don’t have to be out of reach for you. In fact, we intend to give you all the information you need to ensure your own ability to become the sailor you have always dreamed of. And, you might learn a thing or two in the process.

A good sailboat has a lengthy deck. A little bit of research will reveal that good longboard brands in 2017 also have lengthy decks. And, they require some of the same skills necessary for successful sailing. But, unless you have actually taken a board for a spin, you might not see the connection. So, to fully understand how sailing and longboarding can be related, please be sure to read the reviews and at least try a moment on a board. Of course, you could also just keep reading.

The Makings of a Great Sailor

Qualities of a Successful Sailor

Maybe you have been called a “good sailor” and realized that the term was a bit innocuous. So, just to ensure that you understand how big a compliment it is, we would like to reveal the qualities of a successful sailor:

  1. Intuition- If you are one of those people who innately know where the wind is and where it’s going, then this word describes you. If the boat is faster whenever you are in charge, it shows your understanding of the sea is infinitely better than most. Intuition is kind of magical and good sailors are more than gifted. Learn more about intuition here.
  2. MacGyver-esque– Good sailors are jacks of all trades. They are capable of maintaining the well-being of the boat and all the crew. Their ability to improvise and think on their feet makes them incredible sailors. Since boats don’t carry spares, in any area, the ability to utilize innovation makes them exceptional. Learn more.
  3. Calm- You can’t get all riled up and stressed out at sea. A good sailor is able to remain calm in the midst of the greatest storms and craziest situations. Even when everybody else is screaming and freaking out, a good sailor knows that peace is what is most needed and he/she is able to provide that to all on board.
  4. Experience– As much as we have focused on natural, innate, abilities, the truth is, experience is necessary. No one will ever be a great sailor without some sort of experience on the water and in control of a boat. And, the more time you put under the keel, the better you will be. You will grasp all the fundamentals of boating and sailing and understand all the systems attached to a boat. That experience will heavily contribute to your good sailor label. Read this.
  5. Rum- This part of the list is meant to be a little bit humorous. However, most people believe that a good sailor should be capable of holding his/her rum. Sailors don’t usually get sea sick and they are never the first ones to be hurling overboard while everyone else is still drinking. While drinking on the boat is probably fun, it is smart to be sure that you don’t drink too much.

Sailing and longboarding both take intuition, calmness, and experience in order to be successful. So, that makes them similar. Therefore, if you’d like to take on the sport of longboarding, be sure you do your research at Top Sports Brands.

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